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Nervión Commitment to Sustainability

Papelera del Nervión maintains from its origins a commitment to susutainability and ethics in relation to the environment in which it operates. This commitment, acquired by the people who integrate it, is translated into the following strategic axes: minimizing the environmental impact of our activity, seeking efficiency in the use of resources and boosting good practices on sustainability among all actors in the social and business environment of the organization.

We are aware that only through a responsible attitude we build a sustainable legacy for future generations.

We focus on Sustainability in terms of Environmental Commitment, without obviating the premise of social commitment, because we take care and care about our team, we try to know our collaborators and be fair to the extent of our capabilities, so that our interactions do our bit that represents us worthily in the sustainable development on a global scale.

Our proposals are very concrete when we must meet the needs of our customers and collaborators because we are clear about which products in our offer solve and serve their demands with less environmental and social impact. Thus, we have developed and are available to the appropriate, specific check-lists related to the Sustainability of our products in which we analyze the following values:

Nervión PEFC Chain of Custody Certification; for a Sustainable Forest Management

We want to make special mention of the PEFC-certified paper products that we transform and which use we historically and actively promote.

Link to www.nerpel.es/PEFC

PEFC certified papers: “PEFC, Passion for forests”

PEFC is the most implemented forest certification system in the world. The goal of PEFC is to ensure that the world's forests are managed responsibly, and that their many functions are protected for present and future generations. PEFC provides with the framework for the application of internationally agreed common standards, to all its national certification systems, and to forest managers and forest product processing companies.

Products of forest origin (wood, paper, cork, mushrooms, resins, essences...) certified by PEFC guarantee to consumers that they are buying products from sustainably managed forests. By choosing PEFC, buyers help to combat illegal logging and to promote the main functions of forest resources such as:

  • Contribute to the maintenance of numerous ecosystems and biodiversity.
  • The livelihood of many rural populations and the origin of a very important processing industry.
  • Have an increasingly recognized social and cultural role.

PEFC Spain in figures:

  • Certified hectares: 2.222.593
  • Forest managers: 30.245
  • Companies and facilities: 1.399

Products with the PEFC brand and/or label provide customers and end consumers with the guarantee that such material comes from sustainably managed forests and/or controlled sources. The PEFC certification also includes social and occupational health and safety requirements, even form conflict zones.

The objective of communicating the origin of the material is to promote the supply and demand of products from sustainably managed forests and thus foster continuous improvement in the management of the world's forest resources through market momentum.

Commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 2030

The link between the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 2030 and PEFC's work is evident based on the vision of a world in which people manage forests in a sustainable way.
  • PEFC directly refers to target 15 on sustainable forest management, protection of terrestrial ecosystems and combating desertification and loss of biological diversity.
  • There are other objectives linked to the work of PEFC and forests, such as the elimination of poverty (SDG1);
  • contribution to food security through forest products (SDG 2);
  • forests contribute to health and well-being (ecotourism, medicine...) (SDG 3);
  • gender equality (SDG5);
  • clean water and sanitation: 75% of the world's drinking water comes from forest basins (SDG 6);
  • the production of clean energy using forest biomass (SDG 7);
  • decent work and job creation (SDG8);
  • the PEFC label allows responsible consumption (SDG 12);
  • contribution to the fight against climate change (SDG 13).
  • In addition, wood is the most important renewable building material to make cities more sustainable (SDG 11).
  • Finally, as a global partnership that integrates various stakeholders, PEFC facilitates partnerships to achieve SDGs 2030 (SGD 17).

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